Bobby Castillo: CPP Program ’13

State Farm: Member of Enterprise Learning and Development’s Communication Team. Authored several feature articles for the Learning and Development Newswire, including one about the CPP internship. Developed a new mission statement for the Learning and Development Communication Team. Also co-led a focus group comprised of interns to brainstorm new training methods, aesthetics, and functionality for one of State Farm University’s new employee colleges.bobbycastillo

Community: At the United Way, I applied for a Youth Service America Global Youth Service Day grant for United Way of McLean County’s Emerging Community Impact Partners program, which places students from McLean County high schools on teams to create projects over a year-long period that improve the quality of life in McLean County. Also compiled and processed data for the Kindergarten Readiness surveys and the Reading Buddies program surveys.

Grant summary: Created a centralized form for the United Way of McLean County’s online Volunteer Connection resource so that volunteer opportunities submitted by non-profit agencies are sent out to volunteers in the community as well as to students attending Illinois Wesleyan and Illinois State universities. We will hold a “Volunteer Connection Summit” in which representatives from the United Way of McLean County, Illinois Wesleyan University, Illinois State University, and several non-profit agencies gather to populate the new Volunteer Connection platform with volunteer opportunities and to showcase exemplary instances of volunteer utilization by non-profits. Our goal is to help non-profit agencies prepare so that they can maximize the potential of what we hope will be a large influx of new volunteers.

Message from Bobby- “The Community Partnership Program internship has provided me with a truly life-changing summer.  Now, more than ever, I am driven by a newfound direction and purpose for my life.  I could not be more grateful to all those who make this program possible.”