Jordan Steinbreuck: CPP Program ’13

State Farm:  During my time with State Farm, I got the opportunity to work with both the Investment Systems team and the Investment Department through various projects.  One of my main projects was testing IBM Cognos 10.2 upgrades for mortgage reports for Investment Accounting.  Another project was creating and editing mortgage reports for Investments by gathering report requirements from Investments and then designing and testing the report data and layout.  I also worked on a research project and report about private equities and the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act. jordansteinbreuck

Community: The Community Cancer Center gave me the opportunity to work with them throughout their entire expansion groundbreaking process.  While working on advertising, event setup, donor lists, the website, and more, I also got to work with the Chaplain at the Cancer Center, Reverend Cheryl Peterson-Karlan, on an art therapy program soon to be introduced for patients and their families.

Grant Summary: The Community Cancer Center’s mission is to improve the health status of individuals by providing comprehensive, community based cancer care.  The Cancer Center offers supportive services including medical oncologists, clinical nurses, registered dieticians, a social worker, a Chaplain, and more.  The medical and physical needs of cancer patients are met by the medical team, and the psychosocial and spiritual needs of cancer patients and their families are supported by the staff of the Community Cancer Center.  One of the key factors for patient well-being is a sense of hope.  This art therapy project would be a collaborative effort of patients, caregivers, staff, local artists, and local students.  A two or three week program would allow for volunteers from the IWU Art Department to work with patients at the Cancer Center as they use art to express their feelings of hope.  It will allow for patients to share their stories through artistic means giving a sense of community and healing.  If granted, the $300 would be used to support the creation of this Wall of Hope made up of the art of cancer patients in the community.

Message from Jordan- “I would like to say thank you to everyone who was involved in this special opportunity to get to work with State Farm, the Community Cancer Center, and Illinois Wesleyan.  This has been a great experience and I have sincerely learned more than I could have hoped for, thank you.