Nathan Douglas: CPP Program ’13

State Farm: I worked in DC5 within the In-Language team, mostly with the Enterprise Translation Center of Excellence (ETCoE).  My main project involved consolidating the thousands of previously-used Spanish translations into a single terms database to be used for all future ICP publications.  I worked one-on-one with a translator to ensure linguistic quality of the 4,000+ entry database. nathandouglas

Community: At the Community Health Care Clinic (CHCC), my main responsibility was live, in-room translation of medical appointments.  About 1/3 of the patients at CHCC are Hispanic or Latino, so I was frequently interacting with patients during appointments, over the phone, and at the reception area.  I also provided Spanish translations for sections of CHCC’s website.

Grant Summary: The Community Health Care Clinic (CHCC), now in its 19th year of providing medical care to the uninsured population of McLean County, is continually seeking ways to better serve individuals who are “slipping through the cracks” in the healthcare system.  About one-third of CHCC’s caseload of over 3,000 patients is Hispanic or Latino, which corresponds with about fifteen percent of all Hispanics and Latinos in McLean County.  The majority of this population speaks Spanish as their primary language, tends to be less-acculturated to the United States, and works low-skill, low-paying jobs.  Studies have shown that this population is especially at risk for highly addictive and unhealthy diet changes as they immigrate to the United States. For this reason, CHCC is requesting $500 to assist with the implementation of the ¡Crezcamos ya! (Let’s Grow!) Program.  ¡Crezcamos ya! will take a three-fold approach to offer Hispanic and Latino patients of CHCC options to grow in their own health as individuals and as community members.  First, CHCC will purchase twenty copies of the book Cocinando para Latinos con Diabetes (Cooking for Latinos with Diabetes).  Second, CHCC will purchase $200 worth of tokens to be redeemed at the Bloomington Farmers Market held every Saturday in Downtown Bloomington.  Third, CHCC will fund the purchase of two community garden plots for interested patients.  Upon receiving funding for these three action items, CHCC hopes not only to impact the individual health of the patient, but empower them to grow within their community.

Message from Nathan- “First, I’d like to thank State Farm for their continual support of both the Community Partnership Program and community engagement in general.  And, of course, I must thank Deborah Halperin for her continual, profuse support of every single idea I sent to her at 2 a.m. You taught me how to grow the community and make it into my community.”