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Search for Images!

Navigating the tremendous number of images in the Artstor Digital Library can be daunting, particularly to those in fields outside of art history. Where to start looking for images for, say, an Introduction to Philosophy class? To address that hurdle, the Artstor Digital Library is introducing curriculum guides – collections of images from based on syllabi for college courses.

Every curriculum guide will be broken down into topics or themes, each composed of approximately ten images that illustrate or support the subject. We’re working directly with faculty members and experts around the country to ensure the image collections are an accurate, reliable source of information for other instructors to use in the classroom.

When completed, the curriculum guides, course descriptions, and links to the image collections will be posted on Artstor’s website. In the next few weeks we’ll be featuring some previews on the blog. To see which guides are already available, go to the Artstor Digital Library search page and click on the “Folders & Image Groups” button in the center of the page, then go to Global Folders > Featured Groups > Curriculum Guides.

Check out this Curriculum Guide for Colonial Latin Ameria.

Or this Curriculum Guide for an introductory session to an Introduction to Philosophy class.

Monday Musings – November 3

Tuesday, November 4, is the General Election for the State of Illinois. Once again the Hansen Student Center will be a polling place. The polls are open from 6:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. About 50 parking spaces will be set aside in the Hansen Student Center lot for voters. As an alternative place to park, spaces should be available in the lots at the Welcome Center, Evelyn Chapel and behind Theta Chi, which is off of Horenberger Drive.

voteIWU makes Hansen Student Center available as a polling place not only for the community, but also for our students, faculty and staff who are registered to vote in Bloomington. If you live in precincts 1, 4 or 41, the Hansen Student Center will be your polling place.
Thanks in advance for your cooperation. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Carl Teichman, director of government and community relations, at


Ames Library Events & News

Tuesday, 4pm, Beckman Auditorium – “Art, Xenophobia, and Social Change: Examining the Intersection of Zimbabwean Stone Sculpture and South African Art Activism” will be presented by Adjunct Assistant Professor Lance Larkin. Sponsored by the International Studies Department, African Studies.

Thursday, 4pm, Beckman Auditorium – “Die Mauer ist weg!” “The Wall is Gone!” A Roundtable Marking the 25th Anniversary of the Fall of the Berlin Wall: This is a unique opportunity to hear first-person accounts from colleagues about their experiences in divided and reunified Germany. You will also gain some knowledge of German and Cold War history in the process. What a bonus! Sponsored by German, Russian, and Asian Languages and International Studies. Speakers:

Adam Woodis, visiting assistant professor of German – “The Significance of November 9th in German History”

Sonja Fritzsche, professor of German and East European Studies and chair of German, Russian, and Asian Languages – “What Was the Berlin Wall?

Edgar Lehr, assistant professor of biology

Joerg Tiede, professor of computer science – “Remembering the Berlin Wall and the Separation/Reunification of Germany”

Thursday, 5pm, Beckman Auditorium – Op-Ed for Social Justice Training, Please join Amnesty International in Beckman Auditorium at 5:30 pm to learn how to write opinion editorials for Social Justice. Valarie Kaur will be Skyping in to host a workshop on how to write opinion editorials for social justice causes. Valarie came at the beginning of the year to teach us on how to tell our story for a cause, and we are inviting her back to continue to share her insights.

Thursday, 7pm, Beckman Auditorium – “Love in the Time of Cholera” (2007, USA) presented by adjunct faculty member Rocio Morales.

Friday, 4pm, CNS C101 – Chair and Associate Professor of Psychology Jason Themanson – “Examining Social Exclusion: It’s the Little Things That Matter”

Instruction Lab, Room 129

  • Monday, 10am – Prof. Bushman’s Gateway
  • Monday, 2pm – Prof. Nielsen’s Gateway
  • Tuesday, 9:25am – Prof. Coles’s Hist 214
  • Tuesday, 10:50am – Prof. Brennan’s Gateway
  • Tuesday, 2:35pm – Prof. Schwartz
  • Wednesday, 9am – Prof. Green’s Gateway
  • Wednesday, 2pm – Prof. Simeone’s Gateway
  • Thursday, 10:50am – Prof. Koehler’s Gateway

Meeting Room, Room 214

  • Monday, 3pm – CUPP
  • Tuesday, 4:30pm – Star Literacy
  • Wednesday, 11am – Google Analytics Meeting
  • Wednesday, 3pm – CUPP
  • Thursday, 11am – Assessment Committee
  • Thursday, 4:30pm – Star Literacy

Beckman Auditorium

  • Tuesday, 9:25am – International Politics, No Man’s Land
  • Tuesday, 4pm – “Art, Xenophobia, and Social Change: Examining the Intersection of Zimbabwean Stone Sculpture and South African Art Activism”
  • Thursday, 1:10pm – International Political Economy, Black Gold
  • Thursday, 5pm – Op-Ed for Social Justice Training
  • Friday, all day – Admissions UNI Group