Brianna Piro CPP Intern ’15

Binder #: 100

Major: Psychology, Sociology

Passion: Other

Organization: Marcfirst, State Farm

Executive Summary: My summer as a CPP intern was one of the best opportunities of my college career. I loved the 3-2-1 aspect of the program because it exposed us to not only the corporate world, but also to the nonprofit and community development realms. While at State Farm, I worked on the Total Rewards-Compensation department which is a segment of HR. I spent part of my time researching best practices for the design and administration of geographic pay differentials in order to determine if State Farm’s geographic practices are still competitive. I also analyzed incentive packages for the Customer Care Center sales employees that work in the hub locations. This was to determine if we were offering competitive incentive packages. I presented the data by creating charts and graphs that helped to illustrate what the data was saying. For my third and smaller project at State Farm, I assisted with a new starting salary process. For this, I helped to condense and revise the starting salary toolkit that is posted on the website, assisted in the planning of the process map, and helped to create a spreadsheet that can be shared with recruiters. On the side, I had two mentors, one in my department and the other from Systems. They helped me to expand my network as well as learn more about the company. For the community part of the program, I worked at Marcfirst, an organization that helps to connect developmentally disabled individuals with the community through a wide range of supports. Part of my job was to help with the Friends First program on Thursdays. There we would garden and participate in music therapy with the clients as a way for them to spend with their peers. I also helped develop and revise the curriculum for the 2015 Summer School to Work Program that is hosted by the Transition department. This program taught skills such as how to apply for jobs and what to expect during an interview. For my next project, I worked on the new Customized Employment project in which the goal is to place individuals into jobs that meet their specific skill sets. I observed clients as well as businesses and assisted in creating profiles for them. Lastly, I created a business directory that was categorized by geographic location as well as career cluster. This directory will be used to help clients find potential places of employment near their home.