Landon Hoffman CPP Intern ’15

Binder #: 99

Major: Financial Services & Economics

Passion: Housing

Organization: Habitat for Humanity of McLean County, State Farm

Executive Summary: I interned at State Farm Bank in the Human Resources Support Department and also at Habitat for Humanity of McLean County. At State Farm Bank, I worked on a team of six individuals including myself and fellow intern Tara Isenberg. Memvers of the team perform duties such as: organizing and sending out communications for bank intern events, communicating with bank recruiters and enterprise recruiters, building files to store data, producing documentation as evidence of controls in place in order to comply with federal regulations, and overseeing the process of succession planning. At Habitat for Humanity I, with the guidance of Professor Diego Mendez-Carbajo, conducted an impact study to quanitify in a dollar amount the effect that Habitat for Humanity of McLean County has on the local community. I also was able to update information in their database on families who had received or would be receiving a home from Habitat for Humanity.