Tia Patsavas CPP Intern ’15

Binder #: 101

Major: English-Writing

Passion: Economic Development, Education

Organization: YWCA, State Farm

Executive Summary: During my CPP internship, I worked in the Enterprise Compliance and Ethics (ECE) department at State Farm and at YWCA McLean County. At ECE, I worked in the Business Office, whose focus is on “shared services” for the entire ECE department. One of my projects at State Farm was the creation of an annual Access Review to be sent out to and performed by each ECE associate. This mandated process ensured that employees only had access to information that was essential in order to perform their job duties, protecting the information of State Farm and its policyholders. My second project at State Farm involved participating as a member of the Website Redesign Committee for ECE’s intranet site. This invasive redesign sought to create a user-friendly interface that serves the needs of the department’s associates and business partners. As an administrative intern at YWCA, my main project was the launch of a new event titled My Two Cents. The event was an informal, woman-to-woman talk about money; I hosted the trial run of the event on behalf of YWCA during my internship, and wrote a grant to help fund future events. Additional projects that I worked on at YWCA included helping with the renovation process of the Volunteer & Intern Hub, which included the creation of a presentation about best practices and suggestions for the space, and writing three follow-up stories on WINGS scholarship winners to be featured on YWCA’s website and promoted through social media.