Grace McCarten and Kira Miller Grant Writing’14

Binder: #91

Major: Sociology/ Anthropology and Environmental Studies

Passion: Arts, Neighborhood Revitalization

Organization: West Side of Bloomington

Project Title: “We heart WestSide Photo Documentary Project”

Project Summary: There are a lot of misconceptions of who and what exists on the WestSide of Bloomington. We hope to begin to change perspectives by hosting a pop-up art gallery filled with portraits corresponding stories from residents of the West Side. Our goal in this project is to illustrate how Bloomington can come together in one community and celebrate positive commonalities. This reflects the WBRP’s mission to continue the promotion of West Bloomington improvement.

A note from Grace and Kira

We wanted to celebrate the community and all the great aspects of it to combat the negative stigmas about the Westside. The final part of our project was an event where the photos and stories were exhibited at Mid Central Community Action (where they will remain), and displayed the other projects completed from our fellow classmates. This binder will show you the steps we took to make our project possible. If you want to recreate this project or do something like it, please feel free to contact us with any questions!