Nicole Jovicevic Grant Writing’14

Nicole Jovicevic '16

Nicole Jovicevic ’16

Binder # 90

Major: Political Science

Passion: Economic Development

Organization: Mid Central Community Action

Project Title: “Block Party at Catherine St. Neighborhood”

Project Summary: The Catherine St. Neighborhood party aim to create a community event for adults and young adults where they can focus their energies, improve their health, and work on team building. Funding provided a basketball hoop and basketballs. In the center MCCA intern Ethel was able to initiate conversations about upcoming opportunities for locals to give input on changes they would like to see in the community. With the help of the block party, MCCA was able to reach out to multitudes of neighbors and make room for an open dialogue about improvements our neighbors would like to use.

A note from Nicole:

In this final portfolio, I hope I put in everything you need to continue these projects and make them good, better, best. All of the projects will either be repeated annually or will continue developing as more time is invested into them. So, if you are at a loss for things to do, there is so much to be invested in here!