Melissa Seeborg ’11 “Budget Analysis and Expansion Research”


Melissa Seeborg '13

Melissa Seeborg ’13

Binder #82

Major: Business Administration

Passion: Youth, Economic Development

Organization: Milestones

Project Title: Budget Analysis and Expansion Research

Project Summary:

The main goal was to examine the center’s economic situation, assess the need for childcare on the West Side of Bloomington, and provide useful information and research for Milestones if they were to expand. By working closely with the administration and the Board of Directors, my role was to create a database that can culminate all numbers, information, and research regarding expansion. Another key component was to create cost centers for each of the classrooms at the center. This means finding the cost of care for each child, per week. This would be compared to another cost center that represents Milestones at double the capacity of children.

A note from Melissa:

Coming into the summer feeling as though you are just going to coast by is going to get you nowhere. It will also be pretty hard to coast with all of your amazing peers and mentors along the way. Make sure to speak up and network like crazy when you get the chance, and don’t ever be intimidated when you meet people who are “high up”, as they will later serve as some of your best resources.