Colleen Gleason ’14 “WBRP Holiday Appeal Letter”

Binder # 83

Major: N/A

Passion: Arts, Neighborhood Revitalization, Education and Outreach

Organization: West Bloomington Revitalization Project

Project Title: Writing a Holiday Appeal Letter

Project Summary:

An appeal letter will be written to potential donors asking for money to fund WBRP projects. A calendar highlighting West Bloomington, its community, and the WBRP projects that have happened and are currently happening. These will be sent to donors and community partners which will hopefully lead to better business for those who are found in the calendar.

A note from Colleen: I wish I had put myself more into the West Bloomington community and gotten to know it and its residents better. I now feel like that could have made the letter more personalized in a way that can affect its readers. Go out into the community. Talk to the people. Take a walk or two and take the community all in. You won’t regret it.