Jenny Prochotsky Fall Seminar’14

mid central community action

Mid Central Community Action

Binder: #88

Major: Biology

Passion: Education and Outreach, Neighborhood Revitalization, Health and Wellness

Organization: Mid Central Community Action

Project Title: “Community Engagement Meeting at MCCA”

Project Summary: Many communities hold meetings for community leaders, to inspire and to get organized about the things that they’d like to do. For the West Side, this meeting needs to be brought to a nearby, easily accessible location and the time needs to be planned well to accommodate the differing hours that many residents work. [The meeting] can equip the leaders with the right skills and mindset to bring change to their blocks. By getting leaders together and allowing them to get excited, they can build momentum and carry it into their communities.

Note from Jenny: “I believe that homeowners on the West Side will be the biggest catalysts for change; they are rooted in the community and their property matters to them. After we convened for a meal to discuss the Resident Engagement Initiative (REI), we organized a follow-up meeting to discuss the next steps. There was not a great turn out of community leaders, but from there I lead a leadership retreat training for 2 of the community leaders, who in turn hosted a retreat to engage other community leaders.”