Melissa Seeborg CPP Intern’11


Binder #: 27
Major: Economics
Passion: Education & Outreach, Economic Development
Organization: Milestones Early Learning Center & Preschool, State Farm


Project Summary: For my CPP Internship, I split my week into three days at State Farm and two days of non-profit work in the community. At State Farm, I was assigned to the Marketing/Advertising Department, working specifically in the digital media sector.I went through many reports in the beginning to familarize myself with the topic of digital media and marketing in general and talked to my manager about them. I then worked closely with a marketing analyst on the 2012 Asian Media Plans for the upcoming year. I helped pull together information from different zones across the country regarding Chinese language capabilities in different agent offices. I also looked at how many offices market towards Asian Indian consumers in their zones and did research on Multi-Policy line discounts and how they are conveyed in advertising. Meanwhile, my project in the community was with Milestones Early Learning Center and Pre-school. My main goal was to examine the center’s economic situation, assess the need for childcare on the west side of Bloomington, and provide useful information and research for Milestones if they were to expand.My role was to create a database that can culminate all numbers, information, and research regarding expansion, and create cost centers for each of the classrooms at the Center. This meant finding the cost of care per child, per week. This would then be compared to another cost center that would represent Milestones at double the capacity of children.