Erin Hussey CPP Intern’10

Binder #: 28
Major: Art
Passion: Health & Wellness, Arts
Organization: Milestones Early Learning Center & Preschool, State Farm


Project Summary: I was placed in Marketing at State Farm and in the community at Milestones Early Learning Center and Preschool. At State Farm I worked mostly on the ‘Agent Office Environment Marketing Materials.’ This basically means any creative materials you might find in a State Farm Agent’s office. Everything from window clings to video clips being played on the flat screens.With this goal, we met with different departments within State Farm to see what ideas or themes they wanted to market. I would then take that information and meet with creative agencies (such as Creative Services or Draftfcb) and request them to create different marketing materials. They would come back to us with visuals, we would approve, or in some cases disapprove the materials. Our biggest project during the summer of 2010 was coming up with readily available digital signage to be displayed in an Agent’s Office on a TV or computer screen. Now, in the community I was placed at the Milestones Early Learning Center and Preschool. I spent my time there designing them a cookbook. This cookbook includes recipes from families and friends of Milestones.This was a part of a bigger initiative to challenge the families to eat healthier foods. It included articles on this issue as well as child obesity, buying healthy foods for less, and other tips. With some collaboration from local restaurants and bakeries we would ideally be able to print the book and give it as a gift to the families of Milestones.