Hayley Strege: Spring Internship ’08

heartland head start

Heartland Head Start Projects:

I interned this spring with Heartland Head Start and although I primarily worked with one bilingual preschool class, I also partnered with one of the Family Resource Advisors (FRAs – essentially social case workers) in meeting families’ needs. Therefore, the mixture of social service agency, educative facility, and one-on-one interactions with children and families was just what I was looking for to combine the interests reflective of my majors!

A Note from Hayley:

My interest in Heartland Head Start stemmed from my majors in sociology and Hispanic Studies. I was looking for an opportunity to use the Spanish language in a social service atmosphere. I discovered that Heartland Head Start was a wonderful fit for me! My interest in bilingual preschool education has greatly increases, and I hope to work with related agencies in some capacity in the future. I want to thank Dr. Sikora for both overseeing and challenging me to accept the responsibility of this internship and to leave something with the organization. Thank you so much again!