Heidi Adams: CPP Internship ’08

american red cross heartland

State Farm Projects:

At State Farm, I worked in Public Affairs on the Green Team Initiative. I worked on a large variety of projects, but the majority were focused on internal and external communication of the Green Initiative. Basically, State Farm is pretty green and has been working on it for a while, but nobody knows about it, so I was trying to fix that problem. I gave many presentations to a variety of groups (ranging from interns to senior employees) about State Farm’s Green Initiatives.

Red Cross  of the Heartland Community Projects:

My non-profit assignment was with the American Red Cross of the Heartland in Bloomington. I created a Community Disaster Education for Renters program. I started with a student survey and lots of research to find out what information people are missing when it comes to renting property. I ended up creating brochures, curriculum, gave presentations, and began the plans for a Renters Awareness Week that would (hopefully) occur in October 2008.