Sarah Bergman: CPP Program ’14


State Farm Projects:

At State Farm, I worked on a variety of projects that allowed me to see different aspects of the department.  I edited and offered feedback on compensation learning paths that HR representatives complete as part of their training.  I also learned about pay policy and wrote a summary analyzing the potential impacts of Seattle’s new minimum wage increase.

YWCA Projects:

At the YWCA, I had two main projects.  The YWCA is exploring the possibility of offering racial justice consulting services to local businesses and organizations.  My project was to research best practices and to figure out the logistics involved in offering this service.  I looked at different models of diversity & inclusion training, met with members of the community, and examined what other YWCAs were doing with racial justice programming.  At the end, I created a document summarizing my research and offering recommendations for the YWCA to consider if they move forward with the idea.  For my second project, I worked on developing a new career readiness program for low-income women called Fit for the Job.

Sarah’s Grant:

Dedicated to eliminating racism and empowering women, the YWCA McLean County often provides services to disadvantaged women who are trying to improve their lives.  With this in mind, the YWCA is respectfully requesting $500 to fund a new career readiness program called “Fit for the Job”.  Fit for the Job will consist of a one-day workshop in October 2014, where low-income women will learn how to write résumés and how to be successful in interviews.  Upon completion of the workshop, participants will each receive a gift card to Clothes Mentor (resale clothing store), which will pay for one business outfit to wear to interviews and jobs.  By providing useful resources, women will have the tools and information to be more confident in the job search process.  Ultimately, Fit for the Job will help empower women by contributing to their economic independence.

A Note From Sarah:

The Community Partnership Program has given me an in-depth look at the Bloomington-Normal community that I wouldn’t be able to get anywhere else.  This is definitely the most unique experience I’ve had in college, and I know I’ll take what I’ve learned this summer with me in the future.  I am extremely grateful to State Farm, the YWCA, and the Action Research Center for making my summer so fantastic.