John Pisani: CPP Program ’14


State Farm Projects:

This summer, two other interns designated to the procurement department and I had one main project assigned to us. Our task was to research how exactly we can measure the value of the Purchasing Department. When I was not working on this project, I was working on Vendor Financial Reviews. This means that I would look at the financial standing of a vendor we are going to do business with or already are doing business with, and figure out if they were financially stable enough to help protect State Farm against the myriad of risks associated with a business relationship.

Tool Library Projects:

 My main task at the Tool Library was to help structure our organization for long term success. To aid in this, we were looking to establish a board of directors, or some sort of management team by the end of the summer. We are happy to announce that at this point we have co-directors and an operational manager. Along with this, I updated the website, coordinated a workshop, reorganized the shop for efficiency, worked with regional alternative school students to fulfill their volunteer hour requirements, and created a manual that contains all the information needed to volunteer/work at the library on a daily basis.

John’s Grant:

The Tool Library is respectfully requesting $500 to help purchase a bike “Fixit” station and cover the advertising costs associated with it. The “Fixit” station will be located outside of our storefront at 801 West Washington, conveniently next to our bicycle rack that was recently won in the Friends Constitution Trail Bike Rack Give-Away. Adding this to will greatly enhance our library and help us in our goal of bettering the community by providing residents with the tools they need for maintenance and repair.  We will advertise for the “Fixit” station and The Tool Library by placing a road sign on the nearest entrance/exit to the Constitution Trail as well as distributing flyers throughout West Bloomington.

A Note From John:

Thank you, State Farm, for giving me the opportunity to be a part of your team. Especially, Dan Lukert and Bobby Arbogast I truly enjoyed working with you both and cannot thank you enough for your help and support. Thank you to Matt LaLonde, your boundless commitment to the community and the Tool Library is incredible. The opportunity to work with you on this project and watch it all unfold has had a great impact on my life and I am excited to continue our work. Lastly, thank you to Deborah Halperin and the fellow CPP Interns, it was a pleasure getting to know one another and being able to work with you all.