Zoellick Fellowship Winners Announced!

The winners of the Zoellick Fellowship in Social Entrepreneurship and $1500 to help implement their sustainable business idea were Josh Wiggs, junior Computer Science major, and Vanessa Macias, senior computer science major.  Their business idea is How ConvenIT (pronounced How Convenient).
Here is a short summary:
How ConvenIT is a student-run organization that provides affordable IT and software solutions to local non-profit organizations and small businesses.  They will gear their work towards organizations that don’t have the budget or the staff to develop such things as websites or databases.  In addition to providing IT solutions, How ConvenIT will provide IT and software workshops for local organizations and small businesses to introduce and educate them on new solutions and concepts for their respective organizations.
Josh Wiggs came up with this idea while working with the Western Avenue Community Center this summer in the Community Partnership Program run by IWU’s Action Research Center. Here is a profile of his work in the Community Partnership Program!

Congratulations to Josh and Vanessa!