Zoe Gross ’13

Zoe Gross '13 during her ARC days

Zoe Gross ’13 during her ARC days








Year of Graduation: 2013

Major: Political Science

Current Address: St. Louis, Missouri

How were you engaged with ARC? Not just the seminar/internship/fellowship but describe the type of project.

I worked for Deborah the summer of 2012 as assistant coordinator and took the grant writing seminar. My project of focus was the Veggie Van and food desert research.

Where are you now?

I’m about to begin my third (and final!!) year of law school at Washington University in St. Louis.

Where did ARC take you professionally? Are you doing work that connects back to ARC in some way?

ARC taught me the importance of networking and learning to tell and sell your story. Two very important things to me today.

Where did ARC take you personally? Are you engaged in community work that is ARC-like?

ARC made me appreciate Bloomington so much when I lived there, and made me realize that it’s important to be engaged in your community no matter how long you plan on living there.

Share a great memory about ARC/IWU.

Delivering fresh produce to our first food pantry in West Bloomington and the happiness of two little girls over a tomato.

(Also every party at Deborah’s house)

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