July 19, 2013

Featured Alumni

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ARC Alumni on the Map: People to Look For (alphabetical order)

Aaron Massey ’10, Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Amanda King ’15, Benin, Africa

Bevin Cowie ’10, Bloomington, Illinois

Bianca Spratt ’11, Chicago, Illinois

Bobby Nash Castillo ’14, Bloomington, Illinois

Cameron Blossom ’13, Washington, DC

Casey Plach ’15, Niles, Illinois

Celeste Borjas ’12, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Colleen Luckey ’14, Bloomington, Illinois

Danny Kenny ’13, Canberra, Australia

Dave McGrath ’15, Chicago, Illinois

Emily Meade Phelps ’09, Ellettsville, Indiana

Erin Garmon (Hussey) ’11 & Matt Garmon ’10, New York, New York

Heidi Murray ’09, Bloomington, Illinois

Jazmyn Becker ’12, Detroit, Michigan

Joseph Daniels ‘ 13, Matagalpa, Nicaragua

Katie McCullough ’09, Lakewood, Washington

Katie Rose Brosnan ’13, Chicago, Illinois

Kevin Carey ’13, Muncie, Indiana

Lindsey Haines ’10, Chicago Illinois

Lizzie Egan ’14, Chicago, Illinois

Manish Mandava ’14, Baltimore, Maryland

Michael Gorman ’10, Bloomington, Illinois

Myia Thompson ’11, Chicago, Illinois

Natalie Witter ’15, Okemos Michigan

Nettie Rauch ’15, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Tracy Lytwyn Fischer ’12, Carmel, Indiana

Zoe Gross ’13, St. Louis, Missouri