Nicole Chlebek ’16: “The Bike Project” A Bike fix-it workshop

Binder #95

Major: Environmental Studies

Passion: Education and Outreach, Health and Wellness

Organization: IWU ARC

Project Title: “The Bike Project”

Project Summary:

A bike fix-it workshop where mechanics teach community members how to repair and maintain a bike. Each participant repairs two bikes with the help of the mechanics, where they get to keep one and the other is given away to someone else in need. Many community members on the West Side of Bloomington do not have easy access to transportation. We wanted to give away bikes in a sustainable way to those who need a form of transportation. This was also a great chance to collaborate with bike-lovers to work on the possibility of forming a Bike Cooperative in Bloomington.

A note from Nicole:

These community members love helping each other, and they really like bikes. All I had to do was be the middle-man or catalyst to bring them together. Then I got to watch the cool stuff happen.