Week 4 – Concluding our First Excursion and Going Home

This week, we had our last excursion in Tagudin, Illocus Sur, and went home on Friday night. We did the same tasks like interviewing locals with the ENNS, taking measurements, and inputting data. This barangay was especially fun because I actually got to interview a local myself instead of just shadowing. On our last day, we hung out with all of the teams at the beach, went swimming, and ate dinner with the mayor. We also went boating. At 11:30 pm, we took a bus to Manila.

It was extremely hot in our room in Tagudin, and the A/C felt heavenly when we got back. We had two days to relax before work on Monday. On Saturday we went to the pool and just relaxed for a bit. On Sunday, we went to the Mall of Asia. It was very big and looked super fancy. I got three pairs of fancy shirts.

On Monday, we started working on our presentation where we described our work in the rural excursions. We also did some food validation which is the evaluation that provides evidence that food went through a particular process (cooking, frying, etc.)

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