Week 7 & 8 – Palawan Excursion

We went on a short vacation to Palawan from Thursday to Sunday. It was a lot of fun. We went surfing with whale sharks, snorkeling, and island hopping. The whale sharks were surreal and it was so cool swimming so close to such a big animal. Snorkeling and island hopping were also fun. The islands were extremely pretty. El Nido is a hidden gem, with beauty like the Maldives but at a fraction of the price. We were extremely tired after island hopping and slept for 16 hours after.

We went to Puerto Princesa for our fieldwork. We stayed in a tiny hotel the whole time. It was similar to our first excursion where we took measurements, bloodwork, and surveys. The only difference was that we didn’t stay in the Barangay hall like last time. We met the Barangay captain and had dinner with him on the last day. At the end of each day, we also did activities like biking.

On the last day, we took our field supervisor, Ma’am C, to the Puerto Princesa Underground Cave, a giant cave system filled with bats that extends for miles. We could only go about halfway through the cave. We topped the day off with ziplining.

We had to say bye to Ma’am C, which was super sad. She was so nice and always made sure we were ok, especially me. We spent most of our time with her on the last field excursion and this excursion as well. All of us are super close with her and it’s sad that we won’t see her for a while. We flew back to Manila and have work on Tuesday.

I have to say that we did more exploring during this trip than on the previous excursion. How could we not, though? Palawan is so pretty.

It is dawning on me that the internship is slowly coming to an end.

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