Week 8 – Tiny Update

The beginning of this week was great. On Monday, we went to San Pablo City to see Madelyn’s friends from her mission trip in 2019. We continued to do statistical analyses of the surveys taken during our fieldwork. We are currently working on our end-of-internship presentations.

The statistical analyses were great. I think it topped off the work I did. I attended presentations, did field work, did office work, attended a seminar, did lab work, and finally did statistical analyses. It felt great to play a part in all the steps FNRI goes through starting from data collection to data output. I think the only thing where we didn’t play a part is the final data output to barangay captains or mayors. That is the final step FNRI does to combat food insecurity.

Today, there was also an earthquake 45 kilometers away from Vigan City, Ilocos Sur. We are about 428km away from there, or 7 1/2 hours away. However, I could still feel it all the way from Manila. I felt a wobbly sensation, and I didn’t know whether it was the ground moving or if my brain was acting weird. I asked if people felt that the ground was shaking but everyone said no. However, 10 minutes later it was announced there indeed was an earthquake. I must have some strong senses.

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