A life-changing experience comes to an end.

I have completed the Freeman Asia internship. It was a truly life-changing experience for me. I have had many adventures, met many new people, tried new foods, and learned new things. This internship has made me a better person. I am more well-rounded. 

I knew my life was a privilege, but living in rural areas and doing research in a country that is very different from the US, was a potent reminder of that. 

It was very sad to leave all the friends we made. I felt very sad especially when our guide, Ma’am C, had to leave us in Palawan. The last day was a bag of mixed emotions since we were happy to come home but sad to leave this wonderful experience. I will probably not see the Food and Nutrition Research Institute for a very long time. I do plan to come back, however.

Here is what I have to say overall. Filipinos are extremely hard working. Everyone is committed to their work and often works extra hours. Especially the field researchers and medical technologists. Everyone is very happy. No matter the circumstance, I haven’t met one person who appeared down. Even the locals didn’t have much food or water. Everyone is extremely nice, friendly, and hospitable, and treats you like family. 

Currently, I am in Doha airport on a 9-hour-long layover. Saying goodbye is hard, but that means I’ll say hello again one day.

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