CPP Program ’12: Cameron Blossom


Cameron, a Business Adminstration major from Flanagan, IL participated in the CPP Program in the summer of 2012. Cameron worked in the Human Resources-Employment Activities department at State Farm and at the West Bloomington Revitalization Project(WBRP). At the WBRP, he worked to develop relationships with Westside businesses by interviewing business owners to discover their needs and the positive aspects of the culturally diverse Westside of Bloomington. He developed a promotional project entitled West Bloomington Small Business Photo Gallery that is a photographic exhibit of all the businesses he worked with. Cameron also delivered a presentation of his findings to those who are involved in the economic revitalization of the Westside, including a number of business owners and city officials. After the CPP Program, Cameron explored the application of social media to better market Westside businesses.At State Farm, Cameron worked on various events across the community and organized an alumni event at State Farm as well as a renter’s insurance workshop.

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