May 312018

2018 Spring Alumni Association Board of Directors Meeting

This editor returned from an enjoyable and very productive board meeting. Board President, Scott Huch ’86 conducted the one-day proceedings in the Memorial Center Davidson Room.  One highlight of Friday’s meeting was the establishment of the International Alumni Network (IAN) chaired by Teddy Petrova ’10.  Teddy is seeking names to add to the IAN.  You may send names and contact information of those interested in the IAN to the alumni office at  Former international students, study abroad students and those with interest in those programs are welcome to join.

Thursday evening, fellow board members; Dave Darling ’79, J.D.; Kira West ’86, J.D.; Danielle Kays ’01, J.D.; and Preslav Mantchev ’17 and other alumni presented a Legal Career Panel in the Welcome Center Auditorium. The panel arranged with the Hart Career Center provided useful information about law school and the pursuit of a legal profession.

The board’s Friday luncheon was held in the Turfler Room, where the directors were joined by ten, IWU freshmen all from Louisiana. The student scholars of the Posse Foundation a national college access and leadership development program enjoyed a great lunch with introductions and insightful conversion with the board members.

Lastly, Friday evening the directors took in a performance of the musical, Xanadu, over in McPherson Hall, presented by the School of Theatre Arts. It was a zany, totally comedic rendition of the 1980 Olivia Newton-John movie, on roller skates! The audience seemed to appreciate the music, acting and hi-jinks, as evidenced by the laughter and applause.

The next board meeting will be in October, 5th, at Homecoming.  We plan to come back.  Why don’t you plan to come home, too?


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