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Apr 252019

Alice Arnold ’75
recently completed her 44th year as an educator, including the past 21 as a professor at East Carolina University. Alice’s teaching and research have been directed by a constructivist philosophy, with emphasis on inclusion. She has focused on the arts and literacy education, with particular attention on the creation of optimal learning environments. She has been recognized professionally on multiple occasions by the National Art Education Association and the North Carolina Art Education Association. In 2015, she was named one of East Carolina’s “Women of Distinction,” recognizing outstanding contributions from women in the campus community. She has been published in scholarly books and journals, and has presented at numerous conferences and workshops.

Apr 092019

Hey, Fellow Titans!

     Thursday, April 11th is almost upon us! That is “All In for Wesleyan Day” Unlocking Opportunities, 2019! It is our annual giving fest that takes place with a flurry of generosity. It is when all I.W.U. alumni, parents, faculty, staff, and friends get to show their pride and support by being “All in for Wesleyan.” During this 24-hour giving day, we can unlock opportunities together. You are the key to our success!

     Be sure to check out the “All In Happy Hours” that will be taking place around the country. Show your Titan pride by spreading the word about All In for Wesleyan to your personal networks via social media, calls, texts, emails, etc. You are sure to have a great time! Especially because you will be encouraging others to make an additional gift on All In and sharing stories about how IWU Unlocked Opportunities for each of us.

     Visit our All In webpage for more information.  Register for a regional All In event. Please, spread the word on social media using #AllInForWesleyan. Thank you, Titans! See you on the 11th, when we will all be: ALL IN!!!


Jan 072019

Emeritus Associate Professor of Economics Robert (Bob) Leekley passed away on Tuesday, Jan.1. Prof. Leekley started teaching at Illinois Wesleyan in 1974, and from his first year to his 44th, his commitment to IWU and our students remained unchanged. His positive impact on generations of students and colleagues will not be forgotten. Read an obituary. A service will be held in the IWU Evelyn Chapel from 11-12 on Wednesday, January 9th.

Dec 132018

Happiest of Holidays, Titans!

Season’s Greetings! It has been a while, fellow Titans, since Homecoming, 2018. Please, accept my sincerest apologies for the gap in our communications. I looked up and found Christmas to be less than two weeks away. Yikes! Maybe it has crept up on you, as well? Happy Hanukkah to all who celebrate, which just passed.
Hopefully, you have begun your Christmas shopping baking and decorating. The Advent season is a season of hope, after all; hope for peace, a brighter tomorrow, a kinder, gentler world, a sustainable planet for our children (and grandchildren). Hope springs eternal! Keep hope alive! “Hope,” Desmond Tutu said, “is being able to see that there is light despite all of the darkness.”
I hope, that you and yours have a Merry Christmas! One that is full of joyful good times, plenty of love, and filled with hope. See you next year, fellow Titans, Happy New Year, 2019!
Dr. Debbie R. Burt-Frazier, EdD

Aug 232018


Can you believe it’s been 40 years since we graduated from IWU? I invite you back to campus this October 5-7th for Reunion Weekend where we will celebrate the class of 1978. Join us for special 40th reunion activities on Friday afternoon, a special reunion tailgate on Saturday and our reunion celebration on Saturday evening. A full schedule of reunion activities can be found at here and on our Facebook page here.

We’re still looking for volunteers to help us reach out to others in the class of 1978. If you’d like to contact those from your greek chapter, athletic team and/or other student groups, please email We can supply you with a list of classmates and their contact information.

As part of our 40th reunion, I’m also encouraging everyone to give back to the University that gave so much to each of us. I hope you will join me in giving a gift to IWU in honor of our reunion. To make a gift, simply visit here.

Reunion Details:
Saturday October 6th, 5:30 p.m. – 8:30 p.m.
McLean County Museum of History (Old Courthouse)
200 N. Main Street, Bloomington

May 312018

2018 Spring Alumni Association Board of Directors Meeting

This editor returned from an enjoyable and very productive board meeting. Board President, Scott Huch ’86 conducted the one-day proceedings in the Memorial Center Davidson Room.  One highlight of Friday’s meeting was the establishment of the International Alumni Network (IAN) chaired by Teddy Petrova ’10.  Teddy is seeking names to add to the IAN.  You may send names and contact information of those interested in the IAN to the alumni office at  Former international students, study abroad students and those with interest in those programs are welcome to join.

Thursday evening, fellow board members; Dave Darling ’79, J.D.; Kira West ’86, J.D.; Danielle Kays ’01, J.D.; and Preslav Mantchev ’17 and other alumni presented a Legal Career Panel in the Welcome Center Auditorium. The panel arranged with the Hart Career Center provided useful information about law school and the pursuit of a legal profession.

The board’s Friday luncheon was held in the Turfler Room, where the directors were joined by ten, IWU freshmen all from Louisiana. The student scholars of the Posse Foundation a national college access and leadership development program enjoyed a great lunch with introductions and insightful conversion with the board members.

Lastly, Friday evening the directors took in a performance of the musical, Xanadu, over in McPherson Hall, presented by the School of Theatre Arts. It was a zany, totally comedic rendition of the 1980 Olivia Newton-John movie, on roller skates! The audience seemed to appreciate the music, acting and hi-jinks, as evidenced by the laughter and applause.

The next board meeting will be in October, 5th, at Homecoming.  We plan to come back.  Why don’t you plan to come home, too?


May 162018

Jane Brue, 84, of Bloomington, passed away Saturday, May 12, 2018 at OSF St. Joseph Medical Center, Bloomington.  A funeral service will be held at 10 a.m. this Friday, May 18, in Evelyn Chapel, with a visitation prior to the service from 9-10 a.m. in the Chapel.

Jane was a nursing professor at Illinois Wesleyan for 21 years, leading many study abroad classes and receiving multiple accolades from students and colleagues. More details on her dedication to her profession, to IWU basketball, and to her family are in her obituary. Our thoughts are with her family at this time.
Aug 212017

Hello Titans!

These are some exciting times, in which we live. Thirty-eight years ago, in 1978, I was 26 years old. That was the year of the last total solar eclipse. I made a pin-hole viewer out of an old shoebox and took a look, for myself. Tomorrow, I will be blessed to witness another one, this time with special protective sunglasses. Maybe you remember your last solar eclipse, I sure hope so. This time you may have children or grandchildren to share in the excitement. Not to mention being in a whole new century, this time. Take care and enjoy!

As summer winds to a close, and ushers in autumn, please take the time to reflect and count your many blessings, my fellow Titans. I hope that you can look forward and see many more of them ahead. I trust that your summer included some vacation time, some respite, and a little discovery. Nature will soon unfold its season of many colors, autumn. Coming this fall, and every fall is homecoming at Illinois Wesleyan. I hope that you, like me, are planning to come home. There is simply nothing as grand as walking across the QUAD under the shade of the many magnificent trees.

As we get closer to October 13th, homecoming weekend, I will share more information with you. You should have already received your postcard reminder, which previewed the weekend’s events. One pretty special celebration is the 25th anniversary of the Minority Alumni Network, M.A.N. for short. There will be a Saturday, evening gala beginning at 8pm in Hansen on Saturday, October 14th. Please, plan to attend, if you do not have a class dinner. We would be glad to have you share in our celebration.

Well, I have to run now, no not literally! (smile) Talk to you again, soon.

IWU -Newsletter
Debbie Burt-Frazier, August 20, 2017

Apr 052017

April 5, 2017 is our day of giving at Illinois Wesleyan and this year’s theme is Tune In for All In! Not only is today a day for giving, it’s a day to celebrate IWU and all of the things that make it special.

Visit to learn more and donate.

Donate today! Go Titans!