Jun 122018

On Monday, July 23, 2018, four members of the Portsmouth, New Hampshire, Symphony Orchestra (NHSO) will be performing two string trios by Lisa Renee Ragsdale ’72, as well as two other contemporary string quartets by two other composers. Lisa wrote the first piece in 2013 and the second in 2017. Both compositions feature themes that support the science behind climate change. The event begins at 7 PM with a discussion about climate change by Barry N. Rock, Professor Emeritus, Department of Natural Resources and the Environment. After this, members of the Orchestra will perform a String Quartet by Joel Love followed directly with two new String Trios by Lisa Renee Ragsdale. The final work will be a Quartet by David Balakrishnan; his “Tree of Life” Quartet. The event ends at 10 PM. More information can be found at “Portsmouth, NH Events”.

Congratulations, Lisa!

  2 Responses to “Portsmouth, New Hampshire, Orchestra Members to Perform Music by Lisa Renee Ragsdale ’72”

  1. Congratulations to Lisa! It’s great to see our IWU musicians’ music getting performed!

    • Kerry:
      Its the first time I have had any composition performed EAST of the Mississippi River!! Had one of my earliest works performed in CA, 2 works in Iowa City at the U, 1 in southern MO, 1 in St. Louis, MO, and 2 works in Utah. Although I’ve had several works performed in St. Paul, MN I really don’t count those as “EAST.”

      Thanks for your comment!!


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