“A sneeze travels 20 feet”

That is a health-awareness slogan spotted by one of our librarians in a local school and a helpful thing to remember as we approach the time of year when we’re all cooped up inside. Then there’s the added joy that thoughts of the upcoming flu season bring!

Lots of flu news has been in the headlines this year, so we thought a collection of advice and links on the topic would be useful. We made a resource guide with lots of things to think about, but our take away message to all staff and visitors at The Ames Library is to consider your own health as well as the well-being of those around you by remembering these tips:

1. Sneeze into your elbow (kleenex can’t stand the pressure!)

2. Wash your hands frequently (there’s also a supply of alcohol wipes at the 1st floor information desk in the library if you want to wipe down a keyboard)

3. Go to IWU’s Arnold Health Service if you have a fever or need medical advice.

A visual representation of this message was designed by one of our talented Ames Library Student Assistants. Click on the image below to get a halfsheet-sized poster you can put in your room or office for others to see!

So take care of yourself and make sure you ask for help if you feel under the weather this winter!

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