YouTube podcaster offers a costumed Gertrude and Claudius review

Well here’s a different kind of take on John Updike’s 2000 novel that’s unlike any other:  Jordan Falotico’s YouTube Channel review of Gertrude and Claudius—Updike’s creative prequel to Shakespeare’s Hamlet.

Falotico was almost as creative with their review, dressing up as both Gertrude and Claudius to deliver an acted-out on-camera assessment in character(s).

“In this little novel here, it all makes perfect sense,” Jordan-as-Gertrude said.

“Well, that concludes this episode of The Royal Tea,” Jordan-as-Claudius said. “We all hope you have a better understanding of how Gertie and I fell in love with each other and how we came to be. We hope that we were able to clear the air, put to rest some of the gossip, and answer some of your dying, fire-inside, whatever, questions.”

“Ultimately,” Jordan-as-Gertrude added, “Claudius and I think this is a great book. It clears up a lot for us. We think that Mr. Updike did a great job of really explaining the history of our love and how it came to be.”


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