The JUR Emerging Writers Prize

The John Updike Review announces the sponsorship of The John Updike Review Emerging Writers Prize, which consists of $1000 and publication in the Review.

Anyone 40 years of age or younger is invited to enter. Submissions are open and rolling. Depending upon the quality of submissions, one or more winners will be announced annually.

The John Updike Review is looking for an essay by a young writer or critic that deepens our understanding of the work of John Updike. The writing may be scholarly or belletristic in nature. Academics, critics, graduate students, assistant professors, novelists, poets, and short story writers are encouraged to submit essays, which should be 10 to 30 pages long.

Send submissions via attachment to:  Prof. James Schiff, Editor, The John Updike Review, For more information about the journal, visit the website.


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