Coming soon: John Updike Review Volume 9 Number 2

The John Updike Review Vol. 9: 2 (Winter 2023) is completed and will be distributed soon.

The issue features Victor Strandberg on “Updike’s Epitaph”; Sylvie Mathé, D. Quentin Miller, Peter J. Bailey, Robert Morace, and James Schiff on Self-Consciousness; plus essays from Bailey (“‘More Ironic Windows’: The Limits of Nostalgia in Updike’s My Father’s Tears), Donald J. Greiner (“U and I and Me: Rereading Nicholson Baker Reading Updike”), Haruki Takebe (“‘I’ll Get Urinary Impotence’: Updike’s Double Reference to Nabokov’s ‘Bluebeard in Ireland’.” Also included is a review by Greiner, “Edting Updike’s Revisions: Christopher Carduff and the Library of America.”

Editor Schiff reported that this issue of The John Updike Review is completed but delayed because of a printer paper shortage. Look for it in the hopefully near future.

The John Updike Review is published twice a year by the University of Cincinnati and the John Updike Society and is based at the University of Cincinnati, Department of English and Comparative Literature. The cover photo is of Updike at his office in Haven Hill (photographer unknown). The Review is included with membership in The John Updike Society. To join:

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