Latest John Updike Review spotlights Labor-in-Vain tennis court

John Updike Society members who attended the second biennial conference in Boston got to tour Updike’s Labor-in-Vain house and see the tennis court that John and Mary Updike used for recreation. The recently published John Updike Review (Vol. 8, No. 2) features an essay on that court—”A Short History of a Tennis Court”—and photos (including the cover) by David Updike.

Also in this issue is an essay by Cornelius Dieckmann, “Too Old to Be Educated: John Updike’s Rabbit Angstrom Tetralogy as Post-Bildungsroman,” which won the Fifth Emerging Writers Prize from the John Updike Review.

Other essays are from James Plath and Thushara Perera (“A Scientific Explanation: The Physics of Marriage and Divorce in Updike’s ‘Here Come the Maples'”), Peter J. Bailey (“Suzie Creamcheese, Alma DeMott, and the Untranscendent Stardom of In the Beauty of the Lilies“), and Donald J. Greiner (“John Updike’s Blurbs: The Art of Promoting a Writer”). Perera is a physicist now working for NASA in Washington.

This issue, “Harv Is Plowing Now” is the subject of the “three writers on” feature that’s unique to the review, with Updike’s reprinted short story followed by contributions from James Schiff, David Lerner Schwartz, and Jason Namey.”

The John Updike Review is published twice yearly by the University of Cincinnati and The John Updike Society and is included with membership in the society (print copy for U.S. members, digital copy for international members). It is also available electronically and, for institutional subscriptions, through EBSCO. The journal is produced by editor James Schiff and managing editor Nicola Mason at the University of Cincinnati.

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