Best Pennsylvania author? Need you ask?

Pop Sugar released a list of “50 Authors From 50 States — Here’s What to Read From Each of Them,” and to no one’s surprise John Updike was the author from Pennsylvania that they recommended to readers, and Rabbit, Run was the book they specifically named.

“John Updike was born in Reading, PA,” they write (West Reading, actually), “and raised in the nearby town of Shillington. Updike’s childhood in Berks County, PA, later served as the influence for his Rabbit Angstrom tetralogy, including Rabbit, Run.”

  1. Paul S Rana’s avatar

    I grew up reading is collection of short stories. Most of them reflected his earlier life, then his married phase.
    I live in a remote part of India, in the foothills of the Himalayas, and loved reading his stories,that reflected a somewhat similar life of mine.



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