Have you seen this child . . . John Updike?

If not and you’re a member of The John Updike Society, it ought to be arriving soon. Volume 5: Number 1 (Winter 2017) of The John Updike Review is out now, featuring:

“A Word from the Editor”—James Schiff
“Summer 1974, in Fiction and Memory”—David Updike
“A Conversation with John Updike in Moscow”—Ward Briggs & J. Alexander Ogden
“Updike in Venice”—John Philip Drury
“John Updike’s Broadsides: The Blackness of Death and Bath after Sailing“—Donald J. Greiner

plus “Three Writers on Villages“:
“Programmed Delirium: Villages and the God of Multilevel Selection”—Marshall Boswell
“Dreams, Conflated Wives, Lingering Guilt, and Coitus Recalled in Updike’s Villages”—James Schiff
“Seduction in John Updike’s Villages“—Aristi Trendel

and reviews by Sue Norton (The Violet Hour: Great Writers at the End, by Katie Roiphe) and Laurence W. Mazzeno (Myth and Gospel in the Fiction of John Updike, by John McTavish).

The refereed journal, which publishes the very best of current Updike criticism and articles, is free with membership in The John Updike Society. It’s published twice annually by the University of Cincinnati and The John Updike Society and based at the University of Cincinnati Department of English and Comparative Literature. For institutional subscriptions contact James Schiff, james.schiff@uc.edu.

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