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Rabbit, as viewed by the left wing of the AltRight, which bills itself tongue-in-cheek as “The left wing of the AltRight,” recently posted a piece by Brandon Adamson titled “An Aversion to Quagmires—A Collective Desertion Toward Our Future.” Though it’s not all about Rabbit, Harry does turn up in … Continue reading

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Rabbit, Run a bedtime story?

BBC Radio 4 thinks so. They recently posted an audio clip—Episode 1 of 10—of Rabbit, Run with the following description: The post-war novel that summed up middle-class white America and established John Updike as the major American author of his … Continue reading

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Writer thinks Rabbit, Run a mock heroic tale

The Guardian posted an April 21, 2017 opinion piece by Sarah Churchwell in the books section titled “John Updike’s Rabbit, Run—another American story of men escaping women,” with the pull-out quote “US culture is riddled with stories of men who … Continue reading

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Maverick Philospher considers John Updike’s Christianity

The Maverick Philosopher blog recently responded to Gerald R. McDermott’s “‘A Rather Antinomian Christianity’: John Updike’s Religion,” which was posted March 13, 2015 on The Witherspoon Institute website, Public Discourse.  Highlighting McDermott’s assertions that “Updike ‘radically divorced’ Christian theology from … Continue reading

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Law review article cites prison censorship of Updike

An article by David M. Shapiro published by The George Washington Law Review on “Lenient in Theory, Dumb in Fact: Prison, Speech, and Scrutiny” exposes inconsistencies and illogical practices regarding the restriction of reading matter in prisons, and mentions Updike … Continue reading

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Updike credited for redux revival

Redux. From the Latin, meaning, “to lead back.” And an article on “The Top 10 Words That Died and Were Reborn,” written by John Rentoul and published in The Independent, credits John Updike for the revival: “Redux. Excellent nomination from … Continue reading

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Updike’s half-moon, small cloud poem and others

How can April be the cruelest month when it’s National Poetry Month? And The Atlantic teases readers with a reminder that John Updike wasn’t just a Pulitzer Prize-winning novelist. He was a pretty good poet as well. Exhibit A is … Continue reading

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Article rounds up writers throwing shade at one another

In an April 24, 2017 article published on Signature: Making Well-Read Sense of the World, Tom Blunt speaks, well, bluntly about how common it is “for authors to end up creatively sharpening their claws on each other,” with writerly rivalries … Continue reading

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Best American Essays index lists Updike publications

Assay: A Journal of Nonfiction Studies recently published a useful bibliography of “Best American Essays 1986-Present,” and of course it includes John Updike:  

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Art-matters story cites Updike

In a story posted in the travel section of The Australian on 29 April 2017, author and former manager of Art Gallery of NSW bookshop Brian Turner observes, “Art museums are a favorite mise-en-scene for novelists’ storylines and denouements.” He … Continue reading

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