Maxim talks to actress Emily Ratajkowski about Updike

Screen Shot 2015-08-28 at 6.21.49 PMIn an article titled “Exclusive: Emily Ratajkowski on John Updike, Acting and Getting Naked,” writer Aaron Gell profiled the Blurred Lines,” We Are Your Friends and Gone Girl star and had this exchange:

Ratajkowski: “And there’s a John Updike story I always love that my mom gave to me when I was 13 that’s about the daughter of this guy, and her female friend comes over and is wearing a tank top or something sexual, and the father makes her leave. It’s about the guilt and the shame that she feels for something she doesn’t understand. And to me, that’s always been so huge, because so much of our culture is about how women are supposed to behave in men’s eyes, and it’s never just a celebration of who they are. Like, what a wonderful thing to be a beautiful, sexual woman. How terrible that young women in our culture have to look towards pornography or over-sexualized versions of themselves to understand how to embrace their beauty. So, that’s sort of where I come from, and that’s definitely something my mom instilled in me.

Gell: “Updike hasn’t always been considered much of a feminist, so maybe that will change now.”

Ratajkowski:  “It might…”

Read the full article; photo by Getty Images via Maxim.



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