Updike quoted in Bellow tribute

Screen Shot 2015-06-10 at 8.17.28 AMThe Telegraph today paid a 100th birthday tribute to “Saul Bellow: ‘American writer supreme.'”

The story is a round-up of comments culled from remarks that writers and critics have made about Bellow over the years, including John Updike:

Saul Bellow was the American writer supreme . . . our most exuberant and melodious postwar novelist.”

One thought on “Updike quoted in Bellow tribute

  1. Wonderful tribute to a solid fiction writer. I had the pleasure of reading Bellow’s short fiction and 4 of his novels. In these works he showed an amazing facility with language, sophistication of mind, and creativity of plot and character development. I agree with Mr. Pritchett that his best work was in his (often longish) short fiction.

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