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Artist makes handmade author dolls, including Updike

Like Updike’s main witch in The Witches of Eastwick, artist Debbie Ritter makes small figurines—not women, like Alex’s “bubbies,” but authors and characters from literature. Her company is UneekDollDesigns, and you can buy dolls of authors like Lewis Caroll, Virginia … Continue reading

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Knopf celebrates 100 years with downloadable calendar

Updike’s longtime publisher, Alfred A. Knopf, celebrates 100 years of publishing in 2015, and according to their website, “Each week, we will tell you about the new books we are publishing in this anniversary year, as well as throw in … Continue reading

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North Shore writer reacts to Begley’s Updike bio

Dyke Hendrickson, writing for the Newburyport Daily News, listened to the audio-book version of Adam Begley’s biography of John Updike, who lived in Boston’s North Shore area for much of his adult life, and had a list of observations about … Continue reading

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Writer publishes online pieces on Updike and David Foster Wallace

Writer-musician Art Edwards has published two online essays on Updike and David Foster Wallace: “David Foster Wallace was Wrong: Why John Updike Mattered and Always Will” appeared in the March 2013 issue of Word Riot. In it, the admitted Wallace fan … Continue reading

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In Memoriam: Robert Weatherall

We learned belatedly and are saddened to report that John Updike Society member Robert Weatherall died on December 26 at his home in Ipswich, Mass. Members will remember Bob from the very first conference at Alvernia University in 2010, when he and … Continue reading

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The Paris Review writes about Updike and cartoons

Updike fans know that he first aspired to be a cartoonist and was enamored with Disney, especially. And he was a fan of Big Little Books as a little fellow. But in a post today on The Paris Review website, … Continue reading

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English major talks about Getting Over Updike

First Person Singular focuses on a January 14 blog post by Jon Busch titled “Getting Over Updike,” which begins, “John Updike was a living legend around Gordon College. He lived mere miles from our tiny campus, and swapping tales of … Continue reading

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Papers still needed for ALA panel

One session is now full, but The John Updike Society still needs a moderator and papers for a second session sponsored by The John Updike Society at the American Literature Association Conference, May 21-24, 2015, West Copley Place, Boston Mass. Papers are welcome on … Continue reading

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Infamous Updike detractor gets his own reader

The late David Foster Wallace, who famously attacked Updike and other literary Johns, is featured in The David Foster Wallace Reader and the subject of a Newsweek cover story by Alexander Nazaryan. For any fan of Updike who’s more familiar … Continue reading

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Becoming John Updike now available in paperback

Larry Mazzeno’s book, Becoming John Updike, will be published in paperback the first week in February. John Updike Society members and friends can take advantage of a 25 percent off offer from the publisher: Becoming John Updike [pb]

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