Week 7

Hello everyone!

Link to pictures https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1ZFaHtHUao5P8qhoFox3a8UXNnJDKxiYk?usp=sharing

This week Faith and I had our last rotation at the ER department. i was excited about this week because I work in the ER department back home in the US so i wanted to compare the differences between the 2 places.

the ER here had only 7 beds. 3 regular little rooms, a trauma room, a resuscitation room, an isolation room, and a critical room. I’ve noticed that the majority of the people that came in were people with animal bites. when you get an animal bite you have to get a rabies shot and then 4 shots spread out over some time after the initial one, so most people came in for their routine rabies shot and faith and i helped out with that a lot. we only had 3 days in the ED because of our trip to Japan so we didn’t see a lot. on Friday, the ER had no patients, so we went over the medical school that is next door to the hospital and we gave out Covid booster shots to the hospital staff. this took mostly the whole day, and it was cool to give a bunch of injections but pretty much every person that came in asked faith and i the same questions and right after we answered them in English, they would ask the exact same question to our supervisor in Tagalog (their language) but that happened pretty much everywhere we went. we also met a bunch of nursing students in the vaccination room, and we went out to lunch with them too.

over the weekend faith was not feeling good so I went by myself to Los BaƱos and visited the IRRI group. on Friday night we all met up with some of the IRRI groups lab group and went to a karaoke place. on Saturday we took a day trip to Tagaytay to see the taal volcano again and we also went horseback riding.

although this week was our last rotation week at work, we still have our big case study presentation on our patient from the general ward. we will present this coming Thursday to the group of supervisors and that will be our last day of work. we will have 4 days after that to do whatever we want before our flight on august 1st. we are about to be in a typhoon right now so it has been raining pretty much nonstop here so we cannot do much in terms of going outside because we will get soaked in just a few seconds.

see you next week!

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