Week 4

Hey everyone!

this week at the hospital Faith and I were in the general ward. The general word is where patients go when they get admitted for a couple days at the hospital. During our time at the ward, We were given a patient to perform a case study on and present it at the end of the month. Our patient had diabetes Hodgkin’s lymphoma and hypertension. Our case study consisted of her medical history, her family history, all the medications she was on, and the care plan for what the doctors and nurses should do as she is at the hospital and after as well. We pretty much worked on our case study the entire week while going into the patient’s room and asking questions relevant to the study.

Something I have noticed about the general ward here is the patient’s need a lot less care from the nurses and other staff while they are in their room. I think the reason for this is because in the Philippines family is a great value, so many of the older patients that would normally need help from staff or nurses receive that help from their younger family members or friends. The workload in the general ward is still high and I think that can be accredited to the paper charting. I feel like if the hospital is charting was fully online like most hospitals in the United States, it would be easier for the nurses to quickly document and provide care for these patients. Though I am told that this hospital is moving to more online charting and stuff but it has to take time.

Over the weekend, Hunter and I decided to travel about an hour NE to Los Banos and visit the International Rice Research Institute interns. Once we got there, they took us to one of their favorite dinner places and showed us around the town’s close by. The International Race Research Institute He’s a big deal in the Philippines, I know this because our grab driver was taking pictures of the inside of the gated area because he said he’s never been there before and it’s amazing to him. After dinner with the other interns, we walked around town, and they showed us some of the friends they had made in the Philippines and what they do on a daily basis

That pretty much sums up all of this week, faith and I will Present our case study on July 27th, our last day at the hospital.

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