Week 5

Hello everyone!

Link to pictures https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1XILkcAxZZT_mYjEGEdhA5v9mY7dvwWPU?usp=sharing

This week at the hospital faith and I were in the ICU Department. The hospital really only has the general ward and the ICU Department, so for the patients that would normally be in the PCU at home, they would go to the ICU here. also. due to low staff. we were told that out of the 7 ICU rooms they could only fill five of them because they didn’t have the staff and equipment at the time. They have one I see you very reserved for NICU patients, which they get from time to time.

During our time in the ICU. Faith and I, where each assigned a specific patient to. take vitals in chart and administer medication throughout the day. During this time, I was able to insert an NG tube. which is a tube that goes through her nose and down into the stomach and we used that tube to give the patient the patient liquid food so they could keep their energy up.

During this week, patients were constantly getting discharged from the ICU at. one point there were no patients at all. So during that time, faith and I were sent to that OR to watch some more surgeries. At this point, I can’t even name what surgeries we watched and when, because there was so many. But I’m pretty sure this week we watched a total hysterectomy. which is the removal of the uterus and they also removed both the. fallopian tubes and one ovary., I thought it was cool that they left part of the second ovary inside the patient because She was 33 years old and if they were to take out the whole second ovary, The patient would go into early menopause.

During this weekend, faith and I flew to El Nido, Palawan, which is an island in the Philippines with lots of beaches and beautiful scenery. All 12 of the interns here in the Philippines met up and stayed at the same hostel in El Nido. we also all went island hopping which is where you get on a boat with some tour guides and they take you to different islands and beaches in the Philippines. during our island-hopping tour, we went swimming, played some beach volleyball, did some snorkeling, and rode on a kayak through the huge mountains in a lagoon.

El Nido was super nice and i got super sunburnt. after the island hopping, a few of us went and got dinner at a nice Thai restaurant and then went to a place where we heard some live music. after that we walked along the beach and at that point it was super late, so we went home. Faith and I chose not to use our 4-day weekend this weekend, so we had to fly back to Santo Tomas on Sunday so we could make it back to work on Monday where we will be starting in the OR department.

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