Last Day in Los Banos: Korean Restaurant

We went to a Korean restaurant on Friday. It opens at 11 am, so we waited for a while. It is worth the wait.

I ordered a “beef Bibimbap” . Bibimbap is the traditional Korean food, consisting of rice, vegetables, meat and Korean hot sauce. It came with a dish of pickles, which is the most popular side in South Korea. In addition, we ordered “Kimbap” to share. It is like sushi.


I was really surprised that the tastes of these dishes were quite authentic, compared with some Korean restaurants in China. On the other hand, the atmosphere there was sweet and comfortable. I noticed that there were some couples dating.

It was the end of my experience in Los Banos. In Los Banos, the local culture of the Philippines is well preserved, while there is also culture mixture under the trend of globalization. Los Banos creates a balance between local traditions and foreign culture, which is quite impressive.

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