Phuong Restaurant

We visited a tiny Vietnamese restaurant hiding in an alley. It is called “Phuong”, which should be the owner’s last name. IRRI shuttle has restarted this week, which connects IRRI gate with the gate of University of Philippines, Los Banos (UPLB). The shuttle is free and convenient for us to travel outside the campus.

The restaurant is quite small. It seems like the owner’s kitchen and living room. five people nearly occupy half of the room size. The owner is an old lady and maybe her daughter, and they were both surprised by our visit.

I ordered the most classic type of Vietnamese Pho, which consists of rice noodle and beef. There were some seasoning leaves with quite special taste, and bean sprouts. The best and the most important part of pho was the soup. Southeast Asian food usually emphasizes the freshness and original taste of the food, so it has lighter flavor than other types of food.

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