South Supermarket and Jollibee

The South Supermarket is the nearest market within walking distance. It has most kinds of basic products including daily necessities, and it also sells fresh food and vegetables. I go shopping once a week or two weeks since most of the time I eat at the IRRI cafeteria. There are several snack bars inside South Supermarket, so I will try one of them every time I go there. They are mostly Asian snacks. One of my favorites must be the dumplings. It is just like Chinese fried dumplings. There are “chicken adobos” and buko (coconut) water as well.

I was asked for several times where I am from and they always said, “Enjoy your time here!” I think it is because the local people seldom meet foreigners.

Sunshine in the Philippines is always bright and strong, so it is quite hot.

Jollibee is the major fast food restaurant in the Philippines, just like McDonald’s in the United States. One interesting thing is that Jollibee and McDonald’s are always neighboring each other. They are the business competitors. In the Philippines, Jollibee is more popular than McDonalds’ as it is both delicious and cheap. Another thing I notice is that every restaurant in the Philippines provides rice meals. Rice plays a pivotal role in Filippino’s diet.


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