Week 5

Tokyo week!

Rory and I decided to take off most of the week to travel after a long Anagama week. Traveling to Tokyo was incredible! It definitely was a week full of exploring and learning. The city is very interesting and there’s so many things to do and see. Getting to Tokyo was pretty easy. The public transportation is very efficient, clean, and easy to navigate. We had to take a bus and 2 trains to get to the city. We got there in the evening and the city life is incredible. There were so many restaurants, cafes, shops, and bakeries around the hotel we stayed in.

The first day in Tokyo we decided to visit a Pokemon center! I’m a big fan of Pokemon and visiting the center was a must-to. The center was full of cute plushies, stationery, clothes, socks, stickers, key holders, hats, and everything you can imagine. I got some plushies of my favorite pokemons and bought some gifts for my siblings and friends. After that we visited the Pokemon cafe! which was right next to the center. The cafe had cute pokemon themed pastries and drinks. It was sooo cute! After the Pokemon morning we spend the afternoon walking around the city and visited a beautiful Shrine! Check out the pictures of this day!

On the second day we decided to visit Takeshita street. This street is very famous for it’s crepes, animal cafes, and countless clothing stores. The street has a store for different fashion styles. It was very busy but you could find so many interesting and cool items. After that we visited Shibuya. This street is a very commercial section of the city and famous for its crossing system. We also got to see the statue of Hachiko! On the evening, we visited Akihabara. A famous part of the city known for its anime themed stores. It was so cool and fun to visit! I also bought so many things at “Don Quijote” store. This store was full of everything you can imagine. Food, stationery, plushies, socks, clothes, make up, hair stuff, and more. I went back there so many times that the people who worked there already knew who I was! It was a lot of fun.

Finally, on the third day we visited Senso-ji temple. This is a Buddhist temple in Asakusa. It was also a busy location but it was so beautiful and full of life. After this, we went back to the train station to return to Onishi!

This week was incredible and so much fun. Stay tune for the last 2 weeks of my trip!

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