Week 3

Week 3 already?

This week was a lot of learning and fun activities! The week started with a photoshoot for the exhibition flyer. We all decided to take the photos at the river’s waterfall. In the morning (which wasn’t as warm as we thought it was going to be) we went to the river near the house and walk through it to find the perfect spot for the photo. I was a little nervous after Kjell decided to tell us how poisonous the snakes in that river are while we were passing through it with our bare feet. However, no one got bitten and the photoshoot was a success. The river was so refreshing and everyone had a great time! Here’s the picture we’ll be using for the flyer.

The following day I finally decided to try making ceramics. Neha was my teacher that day and she teach me how to do a small bowl without using a wheel. It was so relaxing and entertaining. I did a small bowl and added some flowers and leaves as decoration. I’m still not sure if I want it to be a jewelry holder or an ice cream bowl. I think ice cream bowl is winning right now. Neha was an excellent teacher and we had a fun time.

After finishing the little ceramics workshop, we went back to the house for the second round of artists presentations. The other 4 residents did their self-introductions and we got to know them a little better. It was really cool to see other people’s work. It was very inspiring.

On Wednesday we started working on archives. We’ve been working on developing an archive system for the works the artists donate to the residency. Today we finally got to sort the works and start labeling them. It was a lot of work but Rory and I decided to reward ourselves right after it. We finally went to the town’s sushi restaurant for lunch! It was so good! The owners were very nice with us and it was a really good experience.

After that I went back to the ceramics studio and worked on some pots! This time I used the wheel. This was my first time using the wheel so I was very excited to learn about it. Kjell explained me how to use it and the different techniques to manipulate the clay. It was a lot of fun and I messed up a couple of times but I learned a lot from it. This day I made a rice bowl and a small cup of tea. After that I went on a relaxing walk along the river. It was a fun day!

Thursday was the last day to make pots/clay before we do the anagama. So I decided to do a couple more pots. I ended up doing jewelry holders. My favorite is the cat ring holder! I hope my little cat survives the firing. On the weekend, I had a lot of time to relax! I went on walks, did some grocery shopping, and tried more local food! I’m so excited for the next week and the anagama firing. See you next week!

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