Week 2

What a hot week! Summer in Japan is no joke. I don’t think I’ve ever been in such a hot country!

This week we’ve work on many different things. The week started with self-introduction presentations. We decided that a presentation would be a nice way to get to know everyone. We also decided to have a dinner party to complement the presentations. Before cooking, 4 of the residents (including me) did a brief self introduction with a classic power point presentation. After that, Neha (an artists from India) cooked Indian food for all of us. It was delicious!

During the dinner we talked about the design of the future art exhibition flyer. In the past, artists have come up with very creative and fun design/photography ideas for the flyer. So we had to think of this year’s amazing idea. Since this summer has been remarkable, we all agreed on taking a photo of all the residents in the river’s waterfall “refreshing”. (I will update on how this in the next blog).

This week I was assigned with fixing the studio’s online shop, adding new merch on the instagram shop, and make some posts in the account. It was interesting trying to figure out how “WooComerce” and “Printful” work. Many things have changed after the pandemic. By the end of the week, we fixed the shop and got our first order!

We also worked on creating a system to archive the works that artists donate to the residency. I think this is one of the biggest challenges we have. We’re still working on it. On top of that, we were preparing everything for the ceramics workshop. It was a success! Many locals signed up for the workshop and created beautiful pots, cups, and cats! This was a very warm and fun experience. During the workshop, we took a lot of pictures for social media!

Finally, during my free time this week, I’ve been going on walks, exploring, saying hi to cats, and eating. Here’s some pictures!

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